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Inspiration in Greatness

Here at IPG we believe that everyone has great ideas. Whether it is a new beverage, an organic breakfast bar, or an innovative software; we take these seriously and help our clients present their idea to the world.

Our talented team can walk you through all the steps necessary to reach your desired audience and get your product to their countries and to their doors.

The Products We're Working With

Check out some of the amazing products we are helping develop

Craft Beer

Imported From Mexico

This is an amazing beverage that was brewed in Mexico and is now selling in the United States and other countries. 

Organic Food

From East To West

We have worked with food manufacturers on food products that meet guidelines. We have imported and exported these products from several parts around the world.

Clothing Line

Leave a Mark

Working with top talent designers to distribute a clothing line, that's heavily branded, all over the United States and Canada.

Software Applications

Enterprise Solutions

We have worked with partners and clients to develop a suite of applications to help them manage their operations and their products.

Real Estate

Creating Communities

An effective strategy we encourage all of our associates to undertake is learning how the real estate market works and how to make it work for them.


Looking Good

Health and beauty are corner stones of american society so we have partnered with costmetic manufacturerers to bring new and exciting products to market 


Get the most for the least

Product distribution is the corner stone for any business and we work with wholesalers to make sure that the avenues to sales is open to everyone.


Brick and mortar and online

Getting the product to the consumer is the ultimate goal and we have worked with companies that have established a precense both onsite and online.

Full Service Operations

Our Extensive Partner Network ensures we have the tools needed to make your product venture successful

Technology Solutions

FInding the right software to do the job is hard. That is why we are ready with the technological tools necessary to help you get where you need to go, fast.

Extensive Marketing Network

Getting your product to your clients is one of the most important tasks there is. That is why we have channels set up to allow you to get to the eyes of your consumers in the most effective ways.

Domestic Distributions

All products need to travel from where they are born to the hands of consumers. With our large network of domestic partners we are able to assists you with this process to get your product where it needs to go.

International Logistics

The world has alot to offer and you have alot to offer to the world. At IPG we have developed great relations internationally to be able to send and recieve from almost anywhere around the world.

Experts When You Need Them

You can be confident working with us. We have team members with extensive knowledge on many different fields of study. This will assure that all angles are covered and that any circumstance that arrives can be handled correctly.

Start Your Next Venture

Send us a message about your next venture so we can help you deliver your great idea to the world